At Weight-London Woodwork we are all about the woods, all our timber used in our products comes from a native broadleaf woodland that we manage in Box, Wiltshire.


The timber is felled by hand using chainsaws and axes, extracted by our two Gypsy Cob horses Tilly and Hamish, processed and stacked by hand by us and our trusty voluteers, or with the help of our 1957 vintage Fordson Major tractor. The firewood is stacked and seasoned in the woods, then sold locally; or in the case of the pole wood, first converted into charcoal, then bagged and sold.  We even make kindling from the brash now!


Saw logs are taken to the edge of the woods where they are milled, then taken off to our workshop for seasoning along with small clean timber for furniture making.


So the theory is, all the bits of the tress we fell get used somehow, though we make sure we leave a few log piles and standing dead wood about for the beetles.